The Smurfs

By May 14, 2019 July 10th, 2019 Licenze WUI

An evergreen property for the family and pre-school target group: they are ‘The Smurfs’, cute blue characters born from the lucky Peyo pen in 1958.

Having arrived in the WUI license park 6 years ago, they continue their Live performances, renewing themes and formats from year to year. for an always winning partnership.

Available to customers the mascots of Grande Puffo, Smurfette and a generic Smurf for very nice photo opportunity. In addition, new entertainment formats are able to satisfy even the most complex needs: from 2017, together with the launch of the new film by the Smurfs in all cinemas, there is the possibility of having a real village of the Smurfs rebuilt in the Shopping Center Galleries.

A unique opportunity to create activities of great impact with your audience for an absolutely extraordinary experience.