By June 26, 2019 July 1st, 2019 Licenze WUI

The new action-comedy series Gormiti, based on the global phenomenon created by Giochi Preziosi, is co-produced by Planeta Junior, Giochi Preziosi and the Kotoc animation studio. 52 episodes 11 ‘in 3D CGI technique that mix action and fun for a male target 5-8 years.

Four kids belonging to the tribes that populate the kingdoms of Gorm set off in search of the legendary Tower, the bulwark of the Gormiti, and find themselves living the most epic and exciting adventure of their life: the return of the Gormiti! The Tower protects within it the Bracers of the Elements that allow them to invoke the famous warriors to fight against the Darkans, ancestral enemies of the Gormites that threaten the land of Gorm.

We have created a new format recreating the 4 worlds and creating a unique experience!