By June 26, 2019 July 10th, 2019 Licenze WUI

She’s the most loved fashion doll in the last 60 years: Barbie, an icon of beauty and glamor, is the perfect testimonial for format in which, in addition to fashion, the girls are given the chance to realize what matters most for them in life

In fact, today Barbie abandons the cliché of ‘beauty for beauty’ and instead becomes an active witness of the rights towards equality in work, and in the possibility that each child realize her dream of becoming a veterinarian, dancer, engineer, musician and much more yet.

Within a totally personalized Barbie area, girls of all ages are invited to enter and open large drawers that show the words of some of the careers carried out by the stainless doll. Engineer, Ballerina, Veterinary, Stylist are just some of the professions that small can access, helped by the staff in the area. Inside each drawer there are the Barbies who ‘wear’ their career, and for the girls various sets that offer the opportunity to play and dress up in turn, dreaming of being able to do the job they would like to do as adults with their Barbie!