Baby Shark

By September 5, 2019 March 4th, 2020 Licenze WUI

Baby Shark it is a simple and catchy song, characterized by a tune that immediately enters your head. And it doesn’t come out anymore.

The verses, needless to say, are composed of 2/3 words that are repeated continuously throughout the duration of the song. His irresistible rise began on the web: on Youtube, the video produced by the South Korean producers of Pinkfong Kids has exceeded two billion views. On the social media, instead, a challenge has been started inspired by the movements of the ballet, which has seen itself put to the test with choreography both young and old. Finally, the landing at the hit parade: last summer “Baby Shark” entered the British ranking, and recently debuted at the 32nd position on the Billboard Hot 100, the ranking of the best-selling songs in the United States.

the song in question became popular in 2016, but before learning about success in the West it had conquered the East of the world, especially South Korea. Repeating it over the years were many high-sounding names of Korean pop, which contributed further to its spread in the country.