44 Gatti

By June 26, 2019 July 10th, 2019 Licenze WUI

“44 Gatti” is the brand new cartoon of Rainbow, will be aired in the first ever tv on Rai Yoyo. The protagonists are four very nice cats musicians, Lampo, Milady, Pilou and Polpetta, who live in the home of Nonna Pina, an adorable old woman who takes care of them.

They transformed the large garage of the house into their “Clubhouse”, a space where they play in a band called “Buffycats”. since the cartoon focuses mainly on the theme of recycling and eco-sustainability, we have created a format that incorporates this delicate theme to make it known to children by making small workshops where they will be protagonists and create new objects. another nice format is karaoke, where the children along with the characters will sing some songs.